Coaching & Counselling


At Your Family First, we recognise that changes in life can cause uncertainty and a feeling of being lost. Perhaps you  can already recognise these feelings. It can be a very lonely and scary time. This is true for the person who has left or is thinking of leaving, just as it is for the person who has been left.

Coaching helps support you to look at where your life is now, what’s important to you, and the things you’d like to change and move forward with. Often people come to coaching because they are unsure of what they want and that’s ok. Coaching helps you explore these things with the support of a coach to guide you.

How does coaching work?

Coaching works as a relationship of trust and support. When you come to a coaching session, your coach will start by asking you about you and where you are at in your life. You get to decide whether you talk about your work life, home life or both. It’s entirely up to you! The coach will explore with you what you like about those elements and what you’d like to do differently. Coaching is dynamic so it  supports you to look at things in a different way giving you more flexibility, options and choices.Coaching & Counselling Your Family First Family Mediation York & North Yorkshire

Whether you need support with your personal relationships, your career or a better relationship with yourself, coaching at Your Family First can help. It might be that you come to Your Family First for mediation. If so, your mediator will not be your coach.

Just as in mediation, your coaching sessions are strictly confidential and are not discussed with anyone.

Is Coaching the same as Counselling?

No. Coaching and counselling are different things. Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Coaching is  a solution based, forward focused model of supporting others to achieve goals and aspirations, to create change or enhance personal performance at work or socially. whilst sometime maybe spent on looking at what created emotional states or life circumstances, minimal time is spent discussing past events. Indeed, some of the techniques used in coaching to support emotional state change are what is known as ‘content free’ this means that the coach can work with you on issues that you don’t even need to share with the coach if you don’t want to.


At present, we do not offer in-house counselling at Your Family First. However, we do have close links with two local Counselling Practitioners in in York area, Juliet Powell and David Leckie. Please visit our useful links page to find out more and their contact details.

Please note: Juliet and David do not work for Your Family First, nor are they paid by us and we do not receive payment from them. We do not formally endorse their services. You should make you own enquiry before engaging the services of a Counsellor.