Firm Policies

Firm Policies

The Directors are aware that the activities of the Firm have an effect both on the community and the environment.

Environmental Policy

The Directors are aware of their responsibilities to identify and manage the impacts of their business upon the community and environment and to relay that message to their Staff. The Directors are committed to continually identifying where their business may impact upon the environment and strive toward improving working practices.

All Staff are aware of the Firm’s Environmental Policy and are encouraged to observe recommendations made from time to time to achieve the Firm’s objectives.

The Firm is committed to continuing to make a positive contribution both to the environment and the local communities in which we work, as well as to Staff and Clients, by managing its business activities in an appropriate manner.

All Staff are aware of the Firm’s policy and are encouraged to contribute to achieving its objectives and to provide both feedback and suggestions.   The policy is reproduced on the Firm’s Intranet [and forms part of the Firm’s Office Manual).  All Staff receive a copy of the Corporate, Community and Social Responsibility policy at induction.  The Firm’s policy is subject to annual review and forms part of the overall Office Manual.

Policy on Equality and Diversity

The Firm is committed to ensure equal opportunities in all of its dealings. This means that all clients, job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, disability or age and the Firm has a zero-tolerance of bullying.

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