How much will family mediation cost?

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  • Can I get financial help with the cost of mediation?
  • How much will mediation cost?

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How much will family mediation cost? Good question!  At Your Family First, we are clear with you about the financial cost of mediation every step of the way. Did you know that you may even be entitled to free mediation? If this is the case, coming to us and using our services to support your family wont cost you anything. We are able to make an assessment on whether or not you are eligible for Legal Aid. Usually we can give you an answer straight away.

Legal Aid & Mediation


From April 2013, the availability of Public Funding or Legal Aid was significantly reduced for Family Proceedings. This means that many people now have to represent themselves in court. This can be confusing and stressful. If you qualify for financial help, this may be done in the form of a Contribution Order where you are expected to pay back some or all of your Legal Aid depending on the settlement you agree with your former partner.

Legal Aid for mediation is different.  If you qualify for Legal Aid, you do not have to pay back the help from any agreed settlement.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more about the cost of mediation. Or click the Legal Aid Agency logo to find out more.