Your Family First

In Brief….

  • The end of a relationship can be challenging.
  • We focus on the needs of your whole family.
  • The benefits of family mediation.
  • Mediation is voluntary.
  • Meet our team.

The Detail….

Your Family First are a family mediation service in the heart of York. Although we are based in offices of Crombie Wilkinson solicitors, we are much more than a lawyer based mediation service.

The end of a relationship can be a very challenging and emotional time for you and your family. You may be left feeling angry, sad or both. Your children can feel confused and uncertain about what is going to happen to them.

Family and friends may be telling you to get a good solicitor straight away, but if the thought of lawyers, arguments and substantial legal fees leave you filled with dread, then you will be relieved to know that there is another way. We focus on the needs of your family – first.

At Your Family First, believe that mediation is important because the  benefits of mediation go far beyond the mediation room. Yes, in the short term, mediation is about resolving conflict in your family which may be based on child contact, and or the financial arrangements for your family. You may have come to mediation voluntarily, or you may have arrived here on the advice of your solicitor or been directed to attend by the court. However you arrived here, we aim to support you with the tools to continue to support your family long after the mediation process has finished. Imagine now, being able to talk with your former partner, calmly in an open and relaxed manner about issues relating to your children or financial arrangements. The mediators at Your Family First believe that not only is this possible, it is essential to the on-going well being of your family.

The truth is, if you have children, you and your former partner are the parents of those children forever, and the younger they are, the more their needs will change over time. The decisions you make about them now are unlikely to be the ones that will be relevant to them in a few years time. We recognise this at Your Family First and whilst you are welcome to use our services whenever you need, we believe in empowering families to make decisions for themselves and preserving relationships even when they are changing.


Meet the team….

Chris Myles, Family Mediator & Solicitor Your Family First

 Hi, I’m Chris. I qualified as a Family Mediator in 1999. I had been a practising Family Solicitor since 1993. But always felt there had to be a better way to resolve family disputes than the traditional lawyer routes or even worse the possibility of Court. I was delighted to have my eyes opened to the benefits of Mediation in 1999 and I have been an avid Mediator expanding my Mediation practice ever since. I endeavour to help individuals to resolve their differences or at least reach practical workable solutions to their problems and attempt to achieve better outcomes for people. The Mediation process offers far greater choices and ensures financial settlements or children arrangements that are perfectly tailored to the family. In addition to my work as a Mediator, I also help promote resolution of disputes by way of the Collaborative Law. I fully believe in offering people the best range of options that are available. Whilst fully committed to my clients and finding better ways of dealing with family disputes, I also have a life outside of the law and am father to two children (frequently referred to as the third child of the family) and enjoy cycling, music, playing guitar and drums with my children and help as a trainer to a local children’s football team (my willingness to help exceeds my abilities in that department).’

Julie Greenhalgh, Mediator and Solicitor Your Family First

Hi my Name is Julie. I have been a practising family solicitor since 1988 and had mediation training as a family mediator in 1998 just after my son was born. I thought that mediation was a better way to resolve all family disputes.

 After a number of years of undertaking public law work for guardians and children I  decided to approach mediation again some three years ago now and  I have been developing my mediation skills ever since.

 I am a great believer in having choices in life and I feel mediation can be a positive choice and path for a number of people.

 I still have a very rewarding position acting for  guardians and children in public law work but also like to promote and endeavour to help individuals resolve their family  problems . I Like to empower individuals to reach good practical workable solutions in the hope the end result will be a life changing positive way forward for those individuals.

 Away from  the law I am a very proud mother of a   very busy teenager who is  heavily involved in sport and music. Oh finally I better not forget my  very soft  black Labrador  she keeps me active and I can keep up with her unlike my son…


Sarah Burt, Mediator and Solicitor Your Family First


Hi my Name is Sarah, I have been a practising family law for the last 6 years and qualified as a solicitor in 2010. I decided to train as a mediator and qualified in 2012.

Training to become a mediator has changed my outlook on family law  both as a solicitor and as a mediator. Mediation is a fantastic way to resolve disputes and avoid lengthy court battles which do not assist either party. By resolving matters in mediation, disputes are dealt with in an amicable way which is particularly important if children are involved.

Having seen first hand how effective mediation is, I firmly believe families benefit emotionally and financially from using mediation.

Outside the office I’m a very active person, attending my local gym and classes on a regular basis to keep fit.  I also like to go running along the canal with my red fox Labrador Poppy.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the benefits of mediation and how it can assist you.